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Homa & Mukto

Their work is unique and creates the ground for the magic of transformation. For the last several years they have specialized in Tantra, liberating sexual energy in a context of love and awareness.

Workshops & Trainings

With a work that has been enchanting people around the world for 33 years, Homa & Mukto’s workshops are a synthesis of therapy and a direct experience of the present moment.

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Tantra is far more than a technique to have satisfying sex.

It offers us a way out of our involuntary and exhausting mental activity, introduces us to the here and now, opens up an ocean of sensations and feelings, teaches us how to meet our beloved in deep acceptance and points us towards an integration that can radically change the quality of life we create for ourselves.

And, yes, Tantra also allows us to reach to a state of intimacy that celebrates sexual energy as part of being alive and, at the same time, enjoys the meeting of the male and female principle in vulnerability and awareness.

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Tantra by Homa & Mukto

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