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What is Tantra

Tantra is a way of life. To live Tantra, we need to be able to see our conditionings, attachments, and personalities. Many people are connected and identified, first, with their minds, thoughts, and goals. In this way, they go on living judging themselves and others by their rationality, their ambition, and their ability to achieve what they want.

There is nothing wrong with wanting things. The wheel of desires never ceases to exist. However, there is a deeper way to experience life than merely on the surface of appearances and personalities. Tantra is a way to disidentify ourselves from the demands, ideas and ideals of the mind of who we are, how we should be, or what we should be doing.

In this modern world of instant gratification and full of incessant stimuli, many people find it difficult to feel at peace and in harmony with themselves, in connection with their own being and with others.

By knowing Tantra, we can experience a transformation in our life: in the way we see and perceive ourselves and others. Tantra can be the antidote to the lack of joy and meaning in our life, as it brings us to the here and now. This can create peace in our minds and liveliness in our bodies. It can amplify our sensitivity and reconnect us to the richness of our feelings. Tantra can be the way to be present.

Our Work

Tantra is a way of life available for all those willing to see and accept themselves as they are. And it takes courage for this journey and responsibility to welcome those parts of ourselves that for a long time have remained hidden in our subconscious because they arouse ‘negative’ feelings and sensations, which caused us pain.

And this is a tremendous opportunity. If instead of keeping our pain at a distance, we are able to receive it by feeling it, we accomplish that which neither our parents nor our lovers could do for us: we start to love ourselves.

Our self-judgement and all the accumulated physical and emotional tensions dissolve, the need for pretense and compensations disappears and we find the courage to meet our beloved with innocence and vulnerability. Intimacy and sex become a wondrous experience of sharing the moment and a chance to experience joy, communion, and inner growth.    

Workshops and Trainings

With a work that has been enchanting people around the world for 33 years, Homa & Mukto’s workshops are a synthesis of therapy and a direct experience of the present moment.


Tantra Training

For over 10 years now the three modules of the Tantra Training have been the most comprehensive transmission of H&M’s work. They have attracted couples and individuals alike, some to find a new approach to sexuality and intimacy, others simply in search of a new and meaningful life.

For thousands of years people have striven for a joy – and meaningful life. In the past this search was limited to religious groups and secret schools, today more and more people are interested in finding ways to improve the quality of their experience. Including much of the old wisdom as well as the findings of modern psychology the Tantra Training introduces acceptance, awareness, and aliveness as the three fundamental ingredients of transformation. The training creates situations to explore and practice these principles until they are real experiences and not just mental concepts.


In this intense process, we are able to touch, understand and heal old wounds. Our hearts grow in strength and acceptance as we explore sexuality, sensitivity, personal power, and our ability to love. Transformation happens when we become conscious and present.


When we stop “doing,” the natural flow of male and female energies affirms and dissolves the old fears. We experience satisfaction and melt into deep relaxation and intimacy. Sex becomes a door to meditation, awareness, and presence.


An energy reading training that builds confidence in our intuition. Special attention is given to issues directly related to sexuality and intimacy, such as synchronicity, body awareness, and touch.



  • I am so happy that I attended these three Tantra workshops with you in Poona! It literally shifted the way I feel and relate with my body, my first and third chakras, and transformed my approach to men and sexuality. I feel much freer to explore, enjoy and be natural about my needs.


  • Thank you Mukto and Homa, thank you dear friends for mirroring and holding and kissing and sharing… it was an amazing time! Much love


  • I want to thank you both again for everything I received during the trainings with you. I am still integrating it all and am so grateful for all the cans of worms that it opened and for the clarity and focus.


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