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Homa & Mukto

Homa and Mukto are internationally renowned meditation and tantra teachers.

For more than 30 years they have facilitated workshops and trainings all over the world and touched the lives of thousands of people from different cultures, economic backgrounds, and ages.

They are loved and respected for their simplicity and their ability to transmit what they teach not only through words, but also through their presence.

After having met the Indian mystic Osho, their paths crossed in the early 80s. A deep and lasting friendship developed that offered enough space for them to grow separately without ever growing apart. To this day, embracing their differences has been the source that keeps their work fresh and alive.

It soon became clear that both possessed a gift and the necessary passion to work with people. Over the years they had the good fortune to be trained by many world class therapists and teachers in a variety of techniques and approaches.

After years of exploring and facilitating diverse processes on subjects like chakra work, energy reading, past life, esoteric sciences, and the importance of meditation and present moment awareness, Homa and Mukto developed their own work: bringing awareness, truthfulness and love to sexuality and intimacy.

During the last years they have shared their work in more than 30 countries, given trainings in major growth centers, lead events at tantra festivals, appeared on radio and TV, and, most importantly, they have passed on their work to a new generation of facilitators, who are ready to bring more love into this world.

Presently they live in Brazil at Osheanic International, one of the venues of their yearly Tantra Trainings.

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  • “I am so happy that I attended these three Tantra workshops with you in Poona! It literally shifted the way I feel and relate with my body, my first and third chakras, and transformed my approach to men and sexuality. I feel much freer to explore, enjoy and be natural about my needs.”


  • “Thank you Mukto and Homa, thank you dear friends for mirroring and holding and kissing and sharing… it was an amazing time! Much love.”


  • “I want to thank you both again for everything I received during the trainings with you. I am still integrating it all and am so grateful for all the cans of worms that it opened and for the clarity and focus.”


Where we live

Osheanic International

Osheanic, a Center of Excellence in Meditation and Human Development, is a Buddha field of rare beauty dedicated to the transformation of being and the awakening of consciousness.

Discover more: www.osheanic.com

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