A Practical Guide to Energy Transformation

Living Tantra is an online course for singles and couples that are interested in finding joy and fulfillment in themselves and in their intimate relationships.

It is the result of Homa and Mukto’s determination to better their own lives combined with their decade-long professional experience as therapists and meditation teachers. 

After leading hundreds of processes in more than 30 countries and literally impacting thousands of lives, they realized:

Workshops and trainings stimulate curiosity and light the inner fire, but only frequent practice can keep the flame alive and eventually change lives.

From Mental Understanding to Deeply Felt Experience

The focus of this course is not to feed new concepts to the rational mind. On the contrary, it is to give you a break from thinking so you can come home to the here and now.

It is only in the present moment that you can feel and truly understand relaxation, acceptance, intimacy, love, and so many other expansion states that are possible in this life.

Carefully Crafted, allows a Gradual and Safe Process

Each class has a theoretical introduction followed by an exercise guided in “real time” by Homa and Mukto.

Divided into two parts, the course allows for an individual exploration in Module 1, followed by a partner exploration in Module 2.

It is recommended to do the exploration step by step, starting in the beginning of Module 1 and ending with the last exercise of Module 2.

Relevant for people with all sexual orientations

There are 18 classes, 17 of which are identical for people of all sexual orientations. There may be a need for adaptation for a Module 2 exercise.

Flexible Times

This course is an invitation to find some time for awareness and love in the midst of your daily activities.

Homa & Mukto

Internationally renowned therapists with over 30 years of experience, Homa & Mukto facilitate courses all around the world and have touched the lives of thousands of people.

They are universally loved and respected for their simplicity and ability to convey what they teach not only with words, but also with their presence.

The deep and lasting friendship between them began in the early 1980s after they met the Indian mystic Osho. To this day, embracing their differences is the source that keeps their work fresh and alive.

Over the years, they have been trained by several recognized therapists around the world in a variety of techniques. After years of learning, exploring and facilitating countless processes, they developed their own work, based on bringing awareness, truthfulness and love through Tantra.

Homa and Mukto have already shared their work in more than 30 countries, facilitating trainings, leading events and giving talks and interviews. They are proud to pass their knowledge on to a new generation of facilitators, so that they in turn can spread more and more love in this world.

They live at the Osheanic Retreat Center in Brazil where they give their 3-part Tantra Training each year.

For all those who seek to:

Introduction and exploration of:

Meditation techniques

New ways of communication


The wisdom and natural expression of the body

Methods to allow and be with discomfort


Module 1

Tantra starts with You

Module 1 is an exploration of your own energy. Complete in itself, it will enhance your aliveness, awareness and acceptance. Presenting the fundamental concepts of Tantra this module will connect you to:

The thrill of being fully alive

The power
of presence

The richness and wisdom of being in your body and embracing your sensations and feelings

The beauty and peace that arise once you look at yourself and others with loving eyes

This module is a journey into unknown territory. You are not only the traveler, but also the destination. Many opportunities for new insights and a deeper understanding of your original energy will change your life and the way you relate.

It is also an indispensable preparation for entering module 2 with a partner. There are more than 6 hours of content and nine classes, each one consisting of a theoretical introduction followed by a practical exercise that allows for a felt experience.




About Homa and Mukto’s lives. A very short history of Tantra. Some benefits of Tantra. Some practical guidance followed by an active meditation.


Tantric Heart Meditation

Meeting the heart chakra. Experiencing the here and now by connecting to the body and the senses.


Experiencing the Chakras

The 7 chakras, their location in the body, their energetic qualities and functions in our life. A felt journey through the chakras.


Entering the Body

Get out of the mind and into the body. Reconnect to vitality, strength, and sensitivity. An intense physical exercise to flood your body with energy.


Breath and Transformation

An explanation of the many benefits of conscious breathing. A four-stage breath session.


Immersion into Male and Female Energies

The rapidly changing definitions of gender roles. All human beings have a feminine and a masculine side. An exercise to explore your inner man and inner woman.


Polarities of the Chakras

Deeply connecting the male and female energies inside of yourself. An integrating breath session.


Meeting yourself through Touch
Touch is the language of the body. Give and receive your touch with sensitivity and awareness. A guided touch meditation.


Be a mirror to yourself

Meditation is being aware of what is without judgment or intention to change it. A guided meditation including humming, the third eye and the heart.

Module 2

The Joy of Intimacy

To be entered after the completion of module 1 by both partners. This module is an opportunity to practice various tantric exercises with a partner. It establishes a new understanding of sexuality by gently guiding you through the complexity of intimate relating.  Module 2 allows you to:

Learn how to navigate difficult emotions through presence and acceptance

Feel the joy that synchronicity adds to intimacy

Speak and listen from the heart

Find spontaneity and fulfillment by being here and now

Understand the power of conscious touch

Value your vulnerability

Be more honest with yourself and your partner

Module 2 is a journey into a type of intimacy that can only happen when the light of your awareness dissolves your limiting beliefs and old traumas. As your sensitivity, authenticity, and confidence grow, more harmony and playfulness can slowly enter your relationships and ultimately transform your life. 

There are more than 8 hours of content and nine classes, each one consisting of a theoretical introduction followed by a practical partner exercise that allows for a felt experience.



Starting the Journey Together

The different ways to do this module. When to use the Creating Space Meditation. Have a clear contract concerning your limits. What to do if discomfort arises in you. Things you will need during the course. An exercise to ground yourself and meet your partner.


The Heart and Intimacy

The need to connect with others. Synchronicity, a meeting in the here and now. The power and beauty of the heart. Receiving each other while being at rest. Practicing a state of deep intimacy through synchronicity. 


Conscious Touch

The quality of our meetings does not depend on what we do but on the space we are in. The importance of trust and vulnerability. Introducing two different kinds of touch. An exercise of touching and being touched with love and awareness.


Speaking and Listening from the Heart

The importance of communication in relationships. The language of the heart. An exercise of speaking and listening with presence.


Two bodies meeting in Synchronicity

The mind is a powerful servant and a terrible master. Reclaiming innocence, sensitivity and the joy of being. A gentle and nourishing meeting of the bodies that expands the heart and allows for deep intimacy.


Circling Energy between Sex and Heart

The effects of conditioning and trauma on sexuality. The obsession with orgasm that creates stress and effort during lovemaking. The natural flow of energy between heterosexual men and women. A breathing exercise to circulate heart and sex energy.


Touch and Intimacy 1

New tricks and techniques versus love and awareness. Touch, a direct and intimate conversation between two bodies. What to do if difficult emotions arise. A sensual touch exercise that is not focused on sexual gratification and an exploration of presence and intuition.  


Touch and Intimacy 2

Deeply connected to the body, welcome the continuous flow of sensations and feelings that arise. No need to understand. Stay in the realm of the senses. An exercise to celebrate the deep intimacy that is possible by feeling and accepting whatever the moment brings to you.


Creating Space Meditation

A description of the Creating Space Meditation, its importance and when to use it.

"There is no greater joy than simply being who you are and relaxing into it. "


“Integrating synchronicity in our lives is like escaping from gravity. ”



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Yes. Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you are new to Tantra or have extensive experience. We are proud to offer an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment, which allows everyone the same opportunity for evolution and expression, without distinction.

You must be over 18 years old. There are no other prerequisites to complete Module 1. For Module 2, a partner is required, and that both have completed Module 1.

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No. The content will be hosted on the Hotmart platform, and you will be able to access it as many times as you want, over a one-year period. After this period, the content will be inaccessible.

If you are interested in attending classes without needing to use the internet, classes can be downloaded within the platform itself and watched without an internet connection.

After the purchase is made, the material will be available for consumption immediately, with a one-year duration. After this period, access to the course content is suspended.

The purchase of the course includes 2 Zoom meetings with Homa & Mukto in which they will dive deeper into the course content and answer any questions.

The meetings will take place on the 13th and 27th of July 2024, at 6pm (London/Lisbon time, GMT 0).

The ID of meetings will be made available via the email used for Hotmart registration.

Zoom meetings will be recorded and be available at Hotmart with the rest of the course content for 60 days.

No. The purchase is made jointly.

It is possible to request a refund for a purchase if it is within the warranty period. This period is 15 days and is informed at the time of purchase, in the Terms of Purchase indicated on the payment page.

The content of this course is relevant to people of all sexual orientations. There are 18 classes, 17 of which are identical for people of all sexual orientations. There may be a need for adaptation for a Module 2 exercise.


If you have any questions, please contact us via email:, WhatsApp
+ 55 11 98447-4118 or fill out the form below

Intimacy is not just a concept, but a felt experience. When our mind is at rest, we can deeply connect with our body and be present in the here and now.

Aware of our sensations, emotions and feelings, we create more inner space and increase our natural flow of energy. A movement of expansion and acceptance that brings us closer to ourselves and to others.

As we understand better who we are, we begin to love ourselves! When we love ourselves, the encounters we have gain a new flavor: they become simpler, more profound and nutritious.

Life, despite all of its challenges, turns into a moment to moment adventure.

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