with Homa & Mukto

 May 25 – June 03

Osho Afroz, Greece


Tantra offers us a way out of our involuntary and exhausting mental activity, introduces us to the here and now, opens up an ocean of sensations and feelings, teaches us how to meet our beloved in deep acceptance and points us towards an integration that can radically change the quality of life we create for ourselves.

And, yes, Tantra also allows us to reach to a state of intimacy that celebrates sexual energy as part of being alive and, at the same time, enjoys the meeting of the male and female principle in vulnerability and awareness.

With a work that has been enchanting people around the world for 33 years, Homa & Mukto’s workshops are a synthesis of therapy and a direct experience of the present moment.

“Tantra for us is a way of living.”


Tantra for Homa and Mukto is a way of life, it is about integrating many aspects of life into a state of Yes, while sexuality is just one aspect of Tantra.

Tantra Training Part 1


 May 25 – June 03: Osho Afroz, Greece

The first step to integrated sexuality is to unfreeze the repressed energies. We dare to question our limiting conditioning; we become alive and invite the new.

In the safety of a loving and conscious environment, this release can happen without becoming harmful or destructive.

When we learn to redirect our attention from analytical thinking to sensations and feelings, we naturally reconnect with our body, its ability to pleasure and its wisdom.

Incredible experiences of joy and intimacy can alternate with memories of painful emotions. Deep insights can happen.

Allowing for these experiences, our heart’s ability to accept and integrate grows. Once we realize that living in vulnerability is our greatest strength, intimacy and sexuality become wonderful opportunities to discover ourselves and our loved ones.

Life becomes an adventure.


Let go of control.
Open heart chakra.
Explore authenticity.
Develop trust in each other.
Become present in our body.
Allow life energy to flow freely.
Explore different ways of touch.
Understand importance of feeling.
Stay centered in intimate situations.
Be able to perceive the here and now.
Allow both pleasurable and disturbing emotions.
Understand compensations and allow vulnerability.
Face and overcome our fears of being invaded, controlled or rejected.
Be open and aware of synchronicity – a direct experience of ourselves and others.



Homa & Mukto

Internationally renowned therapists for over 30 years, Homa & Mukto have facilitated workshops and trainings around the world touching the lives of thousands of people.

They are loved and respected for their simplicity and ability to convey what they teach not only with words but also with their presence.

Their paths first crossed in the early 1980s, after meeting the Indian mystic Osho, initiating a deep and lasting friendship. It soon became clear that the two had the gift and passion needed to work with people. Until today, embracing the differences between the two has been the source that has kept their work fresh and alive. 

Over the years they have been privileged to be trained by several world-renowned therapists in a variety of techniques. After years exploring and facilitating various processes such as chakras, energy reading, past lives and the importance of meditation, they have developed their own work: bringing awareness, truthfulness and love through Tantra.

They have already shared their work in more than 20 countries facilitating trainings in major centers of personal development, leading events at tantra festivals, giving radio and TV interviews and most importantly passing their work on to a new generation of facilitators who are ready to bring more love into this world.

They currently live in Brazil, at Osheanic, the main venue of their annual Tantra Training.

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